In-home nursing services

Carrie offers in-home training and nursing. This includes      training and administering fluids, injections, blood glucose testing, inhalers.                                                                                    
In home consults in Portland OR                                              $50
(within 5 miles of 97217) 
This includes a weight, temperature and heart rate, and
30 min consult. Consult will include any training/treatments needed.
Additional travel 5-8miles                                                         $15
Additional 30 min                                                                         $20
Blood glucose monitor                                                               $15
(No additional fee if using personal monitor)
Nail trims ONLY (no consult)                                                    $30
Subcutaneous fluid treatments                                              $40
Other services available upon request. 
Carrie is also available for clinic consults on feline handling as well as relief work. Please contact for rates and details. 

*All treatments must be prescribed by your veterinarian. Our staff will need to contact your vet for verification. Carrie does not diagnose or prescribe!